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The Power of Mobile Learning Devices and Reliable Wi-Fi for 21st-Century Learning
May 30, 2023 Blog education Wireless


In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, students are increasingly leveraging their own mobile devices for learning purposes. This shift, fuelled by the growing ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, has immense potential to revolutionise the learning experience. The ability to access educational resources from anywhere in the world has expanded learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Although technology has rapidly progressed, its full potential in the realm of education has only recently been realised due to pandemic restrictions.

Did you know, according to Statista, the education industry ranks as the third most popular mobile app category worldwide on the app store? As mobile devices become increasingly integrated into the educational landscape, the need for reliable Wi-Fi has never been more critical. Unlock the full potential of mobile learning by investing in RUCKUS’s cutting-edge wireless technologies.

The key to unlocking this potential lies in the availability of reliable Wi-Fi, which serves as the essential foundation for seamless connectivity and smooth integration of mobile learning devices into the classroom.

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The Need for Reliable Wi-Fi in Education: Empowering the Mobile Generation

As students increasingly rely on their mobile devices to enhance the learning experience, the importance of robust Wi-Fi infrastructure has never been more apparent. Educational institutions face unique challenges in providing consistent Wi-Fi coverage, such as accommodating high-density environments, handling bandwidth-intensive applications, and ensuring seamless connectivity across sprawling campuses.

Smoother transitions are crucial for digital learning, and this is where CommScope RUCKUS’ wired and wireless network infrastructure makes a difference in the user experience. With a single, unified framework built for scalability, security, and reliability, RUCKUS addresses the pressing concerns of IT administrators looking to upgrade network infrastructure and smoothen digital learning transitions. By offering solutions such as high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced network security, and granular policy rule creation, RUCKUS enables educational institutions to harness the full potential of mobile learning devices and propel 21st-century education into new realms of possibilities.

Wireless Network Technologies for 21st-Century Learning

Educational institutions today grapple with an array of network challenges, including limited bandwidth, security concerns, and scalability. With a plethora of Wi-Fi-enabled devices flooding campuses, schools must ensure sufficient bandwidth to accommodate data-intensive applications and maintain smooth connectivity. These network issues directly impact the learning experience and efficiency of mobile devices, thus making it crucial for institutions to embrace state-of-the-art solutions.

RUCKUS Access Points (APs) that are equipped with 802.11ax Wi-Fi6 technology, provide robust connections by leveraging cutting-edge AP antenna design, channel selection, and band steering.

Moreover, WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TLS offers hassle-free, certificate-based access, ensuring secure and scalable network management. Personal student networks also play a crucial role in streamlining large-scale campus connectivity while maintaining security. OpenG technology further bolsters cellular coverage indoors, enhancing the overall student experience.

CommScope – Introducing The Smart Campus featuring RUCKUS Technology e-book offers extra valuable insights on how to enhance the network infrastructure of educational institutions. The focus is on leveraging the potential of mobile learning devices and instructional technology to create a dynamic learning environment.

The Power of Connectivity

In a world where reliable Wi-Fi is essential for modern education, Malaysia’s Sunway University stands out as a shining example. Faced with the challenge of providing fast, dependable Wi-Fi to its 18,000 students in high-density venues, the institution turned to RUCKUS Networks, the leader in higher-education Wi-Fi solutions.

By deploying around 500 RUCKUS access points across the campus, Sunway University has ensured seamless streaming of voice, video, and other high-bandwidth services for its students, even when 8,000 users are connected to the network simultaneously. This remarkable feat demonstrates the transformative power of RUCKUS wireless networks and their potential to revolutionise the learning experience in today’s digital age.

As the Sunway University case study shows, having invested in the next-generation RUCKUS wireless technologies has empowered the institution to create dynamic, connected learning environments that cater to the needs of the 21st-century learner.

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