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TIBCO LABS Launches New Capabilities to Support Digital Transformation and Innovation Discovery
October 1, 2021 News


TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. Recently, it announced three key additions to its TIBCO Cloud™offering: TIBCO Cloud™Discover, TIBCO Cloud™ Composer and TIBCO LABS™Gallery. These innovations come from the collaborative TIBCO LABS program, which enables customers and partners to further innovate when developing and connecting new applications, or defining data, data management and digital strategies that support future business innovation.

“Innovation is critical to an organisation’s success, and TIBCO LABS is proud to be part of the innovation journey alongside our customers and partners”, said Nelson Petracek, Global Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO. “As a result of these collaborations, we are pleased to showcase two new solutions, empowering customers to discover processes, variations or bottlenecks through process mining and accelerate application creation with composable building blocks. We also created a direct route for customers to participate in the innovation process with the new TIBCO LABS Gallery”.

This range of new innovations packs the limitless power of TIBCO’s comprehensive, advanced solutions into domain-specific capabilities. TIBCO Cloud Discover enables customers to derive deep insights into their processes through process mining, while TIBCO Cloud Composer helps users rapidly assemble cloud applications utilizing different TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud solutions.

New capabilities from TIBCO LABS include the following:

  • TIBCO Cloud Discover. This service, available soon on TIBCO Cloud, offers customers transparency into processes from application data, using process mining techniques and a single environment for process stakeholders to perform process mining analysis, including variants discovery, inefficiencies quantification and compliance checking. TIBCO Cloud Discover drives automation, documentation and discovery to improve and transform core business processes.
  • TIBCO Cloud Composer. Another new TIBCO Cloud capability, Composer empowers customers to quickly develop cloud solutions and applications, leveraging TIBCO’s integration, analytics and data management competencies. The offering supports rapid application development for the cloud, combining microservices and APIs, case management, messaging, decision management and analytics into a single unified application.
  • TIBCO LABS Gallery. This exceptional addition gives every TIBCO Cloud user access to TIBCO LABS’ interactive demos and cutting-edge developments in IoT, blockchain, edge analytics, augmented reality and composable apps. Gallery simplifies the ability to test LABS projects on tailored use cases, join the program or recommend innovation projects.

“As an existing customer of TIBCO, we saw an opportunity to work closely with TIBCO LABS to develop innovative capabilities for managing and diagnosing patients more effectively. The results of our engagement help integrate essential patient information, including extracting”, said keywords from diverse sources, like pharmaceutical usage or results from lab tests,” said David Baltar Boilève, Data Scientist at Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti. “Most importantly, we were able to include clinical protocols and ensure we follow the ideal path in our research and understand where deviations happen”.

The full list of announcements made during TIBCO NOW™2021 shows TIBCO’s momentum in creating a comprehensive suite of solutions, empowering users to make faster, smarter decisions.

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