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TIME Chooses IBM AI-Powered Automation Software for Service Delivery Transformation
August 25, 2021 News


TIME dotCom Bhd (TIME), a regional communications service provider (CSP) offering cloud, datacentre and connectivity services, has turned to IBM to modernise its network operations. TIME will deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, which is built on Red Hat OpenShift, to make its network operations more efficient and flexible across a variety of environments and increase the speed of delivery for new services.

TIME’s customers are increasingly using new technologies that require ultra-low latency network performance. The group was looking for a technology solution that would allow it to maximise network speed while complying with network standards to provide flexible access to its ever-growing ecosystem of services that will help further expand its enterprise division’s customer base.

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is management software for CSPs that helps deliver on the promise of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), including zero-touch operations, reduced costs and rapid delivery of innovative services to customers.

While TIME explores the opportunities backed by a future-ready network, the move brings important business and technological benefits, including significant cost reductions and the ability to streamline complex operational processes that were previously done manually.

The new features will cover three key areas:

  1. End-to-end, automated service lifecycle management. TIME can automatically provision services across physical and virtual networks and flexibly scale in/out (add or remove virtual machines or other resources) and up/down (adjust memory, CPU and storage capacity).
  2. Self-subscription and activation services for customers. Dynamic chaining of services enables efficient customisation of services to meet individual customer needs.
  3. Closed-loop operations for resiliency. Auto-healing and usage-based auto-scaling help maintain stability and performance while minimising manual effort.

“Network automation will allow us to deploy services with less manual effort to maintain our operations at scale. Automated lifecycle management enables us to deliver the latest in agility to our customers who can then reap the benefits of flexibility in network planning, implementation and operations”, said Ang Thing Jiun, Chief Technology Officer at TIME.

“By upgrading the network infrastructure and deploying new open management software such as IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, TIME can accelerate the delivery of innovative services to customers and drive the country’s vision to achieve a digital economy”, said Catherine Lian, Managing Director at IBM Malaysia. “Working with IBM will enable TIME to systematically execute large-scale workflows and provide best-in-class connectivity to its customers to ensure that its customers experience not only ultra-fast but also consistent connectivity”.

Mark Kelemen, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Persistent, explains, “Zero-touch network automation is a possibility. It requires standardisation and digitisation of operational processes, the right software to manage and orchestrate it, and more importantly, a vision and the courage to take the leap”. Persistent has joined IBM Partner Ecosystem to unlock the value of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. With IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, Persistent can help CSPs like TIME effectively deploy network monitoring solutions to reduce operational costs, deliver services faster, incorporate network functions more easily and evolve to zero-touch operations.

In 2018, TIME launched its horizontal Network Functions Virtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI), a first in Malaysia. As part of TIME’s growth strategy, the CSP is reinventing its infrastructure based on open telco cloud technology to gain more flexible deployment options and drive innovation to meet the needs of its enterprise customers. TIME has acquired MEF LSO Sonata Certification based on the IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation frameworks.

Communications services providers play a critical role in the future of the telecommunications industry. This requires a system that is more flexible and has lower operating costs than the proprietary networks of the past.  Today, IBM is working with the leading CSPs around the world, bringing capabilities such as artificial intelligence and open hybrid cloud technologies to deliver flexibility and innovation, as well as industry expertise and a global delivery presence to make this vision a reality.