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TM Launches First Phase of 5G Services for Unifi Mobile Customers and Businesses
November 2, 2022 News


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM or “the Group”) is uniquely positioned to accelerate Malaysia’s 5G adoption, as the Group leverages its convergence leadership in delivering seamless fixed and mobile services to customers and businesses.

Following the signing of DNB’s Access Agreement on the 30th of October 2022, TM launched the first phase of its 5G services today, offering unlimited 5G data to existing Unifi Mobile Postpaid customers, as well as new Postpaid and Prepaid customers.

“DNB’s Access Agreement provides a level playing field for telcos to access the single 5G network equally, to deliver a wider range of innovative services,” said Imri Mokhtar, Group CEO at TM.

“Leveraging this equal entry into 5G plus our current suite of connectivity and digital solutions, TM will be better placed to drive innovation and digital transformation at a national level, aligning with key digital programmes such as JENDELA and MyDigital to competitively position Malaysia as a technology hub.”

“5G will reinforce TM’s leadership in fixed-mobile converged services for our consumer and MSME segments, strengthening our mobile capabilities to provide the widest and fastest all-in-one solution for fixed broadband, mobile service and digital content that meets today’s digital lifestyles and workstyles,” Imri added.

Acknowledging that one of the critical factors in 5G adoption is the willingness of customers to purchase new 5G-enabled devices, Unifi Mobile will also offer bundled 5G service-and-device plans, catering to a range of price points to ensure customer affordability from all backgrounds.

With 5G currently covering more than 33% of populated areas throughout Malaysia, this first phase is key to grow TM’s reach and presents the opportunity for a new push in Unifi’s convergence play, riding on its strength of 3 million households and close to 400,000 MSME customers. 5G will also strengthen Unifi’s proposition as a preferred digital partner for MSMEs, to provide complete one-stop services to accelerate their business growth.

Additionally, via TM One, the Group’s enterprise and government sector arm, TM recently launched its 5G Sphere, a circle of leading technology and smart solution partners to form an ecosystem that will accelerate the co-creation of 5G innovative use-cases, taking enterprise 5G transformation from ideation to realisation. To date, there are 39 partners in this programme. TM’s nation-building efforts with the Government will also speed-up the availability of smart city, smart industry and 5G-enabled applications, creating a more sustainable and inclusive digital society and economy.

Simultaneously, TM continues to modernise the country’s fibre network architecture, integrating automation and virtualisation technologies to boost back-end infrastructures that will support the anticipated demand for 5G services and capabilities.

Ahead of this commercial launch, TM took strides to ramp up its 5G capabilities to grow its mobile and fixed-mobile convergence position, having recently appointed a seasoned industry leader, Jasmine Lee, as its Executive Vice President, Mobile and Chief Executive Officer of webe, as well as onboarding senior mobile talents to strengthen its innovation and competitiveness.

“As we transform to become a human-centred TechCo, TM’s 5G commitment goes beyond connectivity to enabling our interconnected society reshape the way we live and work. We recognise the value that this next-gen technology will bring to communities, businesses and the Government, and will continue to explore new ways to make 5G and digital progress accessible to all,” Imri concluded.