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Tokenize Xchange Shoots for Unprecedented Expansion, Regulatory Excellence After Securing Additional USD $11.5 Million Investment


Tokenize Xchange, a leading digital asset exchange in Singapore, has announced it has secured an additional USD $11.5 million in its Series A Phase 2 funding from TRIVE and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs).

This latest investment elevates Tokenize Xchange’s total Series A fundraising to an impressive USD $23 million, with the goal to reach USD $33 million by year-end.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Christopher Quek, TRIVE is a Singapore VC firm investing in high-growth, technology startups that create positive social impact, improving the health and wealth of people in Southeast Asia. TRIVE previously led phase 1 of Series A funding with an investment of USD $11.5 million in 2022.

Tokenize Xchange is on track to significantly expand its team in Singapore, aiming to quintuple its headcount within the next 18 months. A quarter of these new positions will focus on enhancing compliance and operations, underscoring the company’s commitment to governance, control, and regulatory adherence following recent challenges in the cryptocurrency sector.

Hong QiYu, Founder of and CEO at Tokenize Xchange, said, “The continued support from TRIVE and our HNWIs reflects our mutual belief in a robust and transparent digital asset marketplace. Our dedication to compliance and operational integrity is key to building trust and security for our institutional and accredited investors, especially given the dynamic regulatory environment in Southeast Asia.”

Tokenize Xchange Is Expanding in Southeast Asia, Aiming for Excellence

Tokenize Xchange’s strategic expansion encompasses more than just an increase in workforce. It also involves adapting to the complex regulatory frameworks across Southeast Asia, adhering to best practices in compliance and governance.

The company has applied for a Digital Payment Token License in Singapore, currently operating under an exemption, and was among the first three digital asset exchange operators to receive full approval from the Securities Commission Malaysia in April 2020.

Tokenize Xchange

Christopher Quek, Managing Partner at TRIVE, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Our renewed investment in Tokenize Xchange is driven by our growing confidence in their strategic direction and their concrete steps towards achieving regulatory excellence. Tokenize Xchange is well-positioned to lead in the digital exchange sector, heralding a new era of growth and stability.”

With operations across Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, Tokenize Xchange is set to transform the digital asset exchange landscape, leveraging its strong market presence and experience, particularly as Malaysia’s second-largest digital asset exchange. The company’s collaboration with top-tier custody and compliance firms showcases its operational resilience and unwavering commitment to excellence.

This fundraising milestone moves Tokenize Xchange closer to its Series A target of USD $33 million, as the company continues to attract keen interest from institutional and accredited investors.