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U Mobile, EDOTCO All Set to Accelerate Second 5G Network Rollout In Malaysia After Landmark MoU Signing


U Mobile, the award-winning mobile and digital services provider, and EDOTCO, the nation’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, have officially announced their strategic partnership via a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate the rollout of a 5G network under the government’s dual network model. The MoU affirms U Mobile’s commitment to rapid, effective, and cost-efficient deployment for the second 5G network by leveraging EDOTCO’s large tower footprint and expertise.

Under the MoU, EDOTCO will provide Malaysia’s leading digital services provider with information and access to its tower infrastructures, resources readiness, and expedited site delivery to facilitate the latter’s 5G network rollout. U Mobile and EDOTCO will also jointly develop a streamlined process to drive efficiency in identifying the right tower locations and structures based on Artificial Intelligence and data-driven analytics and faster and more efficient site acquisition and permissions by working with various state agencies. This will enable faster on-air time for new 5G sites and expedite coverage expansion.

Cost-Efficient, Competitive Rollout from U Mobile and EDOTCO

Additionally, the two parties will discuss commercial arrangements for various infrastructure requirements, including built-to-suit sites, co-locations, site upgrades and indoor coverage with the goal of establishing a cost-efficient and competitive offering to enable timely rollout.

Woon Ooi Yuen, Chief Technology Officer at U Mobile, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, saying: “In line with the Malaysian government’s mandate for dual 5G networks to establish healthy competition in the telecommunications sector, we are delighted to be able to leverage EDOTCO’s tower infrastructure footprint to accelerate rollout, further strengthening our position to deploy the second 5G network. We are looking forward to ensuring affordable and quality 5G services for Malaysians and to showcase the economic benefits that the technology will bring to consumer, business, and public sectors.”

Gayan Koralage, Director of Malaysia Business at EDOTCO, added: “We are honoured to be the strategic partner to U Mobile, and this partnership is indeed a pivotal step forward in accelerating Malaysia’s 5G future. We are committed to ensuring enhanced connectivity across the nation and positioning Malaysia as the leader in 5G within ASEAN. As the nation’s largest tower company, we are dedicated to working with MNOs to deliver superior telecommunications solutions and shape the future of connectivity in the region.”

The two leading Malaysian companies have had a long-standing partnership that spans over a decade, with U Mobile being EDOTCO’s first non-Axiata commercial customer since its formation in 2012. Recently, U Mobile renewed its lease contract with EDOTCO for another term and is also working on a site consolidation plan, aiming to enhance aesthetics as well as lowering network operations costs. This will further advance the deployment of 5G on readily available infrastructure.

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