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Udon Thani Hospital Increases Operational Efficiency by 20% with Zebra Technologies’ Solutions
December 16, 2022 News


Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, has announced that Udon Thani Hospital has introduced Zebra’s desktop printing and scanning solution to digitalise its patient registration process which was previously conducted manually. The solution has helped to increase Udon Thani Hospital’s efficiency and accuracy by an estimated 20%, while reducing human errors.

The customised solution includes pairing up the ZD421 4-inch desktop printer and DS2208 handheld imager with the Zebra 123Scan application to create a data-powered patient journey that begins with printing scannable wristbands that assist patients from their admission to discharge and with every procedure in between. The scanning process helps to accurately identify medications, match records and update systems with fewer errors and corrections needed.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans to halve the level of severe avoidable harm associated with errors at any point in the medication process—prescribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring—by 2022. However, to date, there are still human errors such as wrong patient identification in hospitals around the world, which often occurs during patient registration. In fact, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives more than 100,000 reports every year that are related to medication errors.

“As a responsible healthcare provider, we want to see immaculate healthcare outcomes by eliminating any chance of wrong patient identification as errors like this hamper patient safety and generate detrimental healthcare outcomes,” said Surapong Saenpoch, Deputy Director of Technology and Information at Udon Thani Hospital. “If a patient is misidentified, they may be given wrong treatment plans or incorrect medications which hinder their recovery. In severe cases, the effects can be irreversible and may even result in the loss of lives. This is something we want to avoid because the safety of our patients is our utmost priority.”

Udon Thani Hospital worked closely with Zebra PartnerConnect reseller, Pacific Plus IT Limited Partnership, to implement and deploy the solution. Pacific Plus IT collaborated with Zebra to fully understand the challenges faced by Udon Thani Hospital before coming up with a tailored solution to cater to their needs.

“Since the introduction of Zebra’s solution, there has been a marked improvement in Udon Thani Hospital’s patient registration process,” said Christanto Suryadarma, Southeast Asia (SEA) Sales Vice President at Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific. “The unprecedented challenges of our time have seen hospitals today enter a new age of collaboration and creativity. Hospitals are increasingly looking to technology to help them achieve better patient care. Many are replacing manual, error-prone procedures with digital solutions that enhance accuracy, speed and overall visibility. We will continue to work together with our partners to improve the quality of patient care and build smart, connected hospitals that will form the future of healthcare.”