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UiPath Announces Autopilot™ to Make AI at Work a Reality


UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, announced at its global user conference, FORWARD VI, its platform’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) features with Autopilot™, an integration of generative AI, specialised AI, and automation that allows any user to automate work fast using natural language.

UiPath Autopilot can transform paper documents to automation-powered apps with a single click, enabling digital transformation that has eluded enterprises for too long. The new AI features of the UiPath Business Automation Platform reveal untapped automation prospects and process enhancement opportunities, and guarantee efficient development of automations, all anchored in a foundation of enterprise-grade capabilities.

Capabilities for Everyone

AI-powered Autopilot capabilities include:

  • For developers – Empowers both professional and citizen automation developers to create automations, code, and expressions with natural language. In UiPath Apps, Generative AI-powered experiences help developers create workflows, generate expressions, build automations, and even create automation-powered apps from PDFs or images.
  • For everyone. Autopilot for UiPath Assistant provides an AI companion to partner with any user to tackle tasks, and will include Clipboard AI, a time-saving feature for copying and pasting complex data between applications. These AI tools rapidly decrease the time typically needed to accomplish data-intensive work and tedious tasks. Business users can also use API and UI automation to update line of business systems to automate more work under human supervision.
  • For automation testers. Autopilot for Test Suite accelerates every phase of the testing lifecycle, generates tests from requirement, and surfaces actionable insights from execution results.
  • For business analysts. Autopilot for Process Mining enables business analysts to use natural language to filter, summarise, and create dashboards for their automation opportunities. Also, Autopilot for Communications Mining gives automation center of excellence teams comprehensive tools to uncover automation opportunities through natural language prompts.

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI

“Since ChatGPT launched late last year, there has been an influx of new app-specific copilots. These are immensely powerful for summarising and creating content, and I expect we’ll continue to see every app create a copilot,” said Flo Ye, Director, Automation Solutions, at dentsu. “But there is a huge unaddressed opportunity with these GenAI-powered copilots: they enable brainstorming, but not action. That’s the beauty of UiPath Autopilot—it unites the patchwork of app-specific copilots and empowers you to take action based on your specific business rules and application stacks.”

“The new Autopilot capabilities at UiPath enable citizen development in a novel way. Autopilot for Studio, in particular, means that learning programming skills, low code or not, is becoming less critical than learning about technology capabilities,” said Hemant Porwal, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations at Wesco. “We are already incorporating this vision into our next wave of citizen developer training.”

UiPath enables AI at work through intelligent automation solutions built with best-in-class Generative AI and a library of Specialized AI models adhering to principles of open, flexible, and responsible AI. With an open approach, UiPath empowers customers to leverage the entire AI ecosystem to devise AI-driven automations, delivering actionable, measurable results.

Announcing UiPath AI Trust Layer

The company also announced at FORWARD VI its UiPath AI Trust Layer, a management framework for the governance of data, user interactions with UiPath Gen AI features, and large language models. The AI Trust Layer gives customers the necessary confidence, visibility, and governance to responsibly manage the use of Gen AI within UiPath.

“By taking a user’s words, screenshots, or PDFs from paper documents as an input, Autopilot for Apps can create a robust automation workflow or interfaces for automations. This enables ‘one-click digital transformation’ for organisations by taking automated action,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath.

He added: “UiPath can operationalise the transformative force of AI through automation, seamlessly integrating intelligence into everyday operations, automating all knowledge work, upleveling employees, and revolutionising entire industries with AI at work. And importantly, the UiPath AI Trust Layer will allow customers to use these new AI capabilities with confidence knowing their data is secure.”

The latest AI innovations from UiPath provide users critical context that acts as a compass for the next best actions, such as a chat with a customer for a service modification, paying a supplier’s invoice in a new operating region, or taking the pain out of completing work travel expenses.

“Automation is the best path to deliver on whatever AI conceives,” Sheldon added.
UiPath FORWARD VI took place from 9 to 12 October. Visit here for livestream sessions taking place at the conference.