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Universal Robots Showcases Innovative Collaborative Robots in Malaysia


Universal Robots (UR), the Danish collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer, will showcase its innovative collaborative robots and automated solutions at Malaysia’s largest metalworking and automation exhibition. Metaltech and Automex 2023 is scheduled to take place from 31 May to 3 June 2023 and draw up to 15,000 trade visitors across 45 countries. Held yearly since its inception in 1994, the trade fair is back to being a fully physical event at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC) after hybrid and virtual renditions in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After a fully virtual exhibition in 2021 and a hybrid arrangement last year, we are excited to finally showcase our cobots to a fully physical crowd this year,” said Marvin Ming, Country Manager Malaysia at Universal Robots. “Through a hands-on experience with our cobot, visitors will have a better understanding of what they have to offer, and envision how best they can be implemented within their businesses.

According to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia’s robotics market is projected to reach RM103.1 billion by 2023, surpassing the target set in the National Robotics Roadmap 2021–2030. In addition, Malaysia’s robotics market is forecasted to produce over 4,742 units of robots at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.77% by 2027.

A Much-Needed Shift Is in the Works

A recent working paper on Industry 4.0 (IR4.0) Technology Adoption in Malaysian Manufacturing by Asian School of Business – Center of Technology, Strategy and Sustainability, revealed that the Malaysian manufacturing sector, which comprises mostly second or third-tier suppliers, relies mainly on labour-intensive production of low complexity products at high volume. Compounded by seasonal customer demand, these companies are not inclined to invest in expensive capital machinery.

“We hope to give businesses eager to make the progressive shift towards automation more insight and a better understanding as to how cobots can help them move up the value chain through working hand-in-hand with humans,” added Ming.

A diverse range of UR cobots will be on show, with the UR3e, 5e, 10e, and 16e set to demonstrate their wide reach of applications such as palletising, machine tending and welding capabilities live. From the UR3e’s lightweight 11.2kg design to the 16e’s payload capability of 16kg, the cobots on display can satisfy the varying needs of different businesses looking towards automating their workflow.


The exhibits will feature a UR10e in a palletising application with various UR+ products such as Schmalz suction-based gripper, Ewellix LIFTKIT and SICK nanoScan3. This is a simple demonstration of a machine that runs at the end of production lines stacking heavy boxes onto pallets with the assistance of the Schmalz gripper. Ewellix LIFTKIT is a useful tool to tackle challenges in stacking additional layers onto the pallet. A combination of these solutions will be beneficial in both eliminating Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in operators and creating a safe workplace for all.

Machine Tending

The machine tending application has a UR16e robot performing the loading and unloading process into a mock CNC machine together with Schunk MTB application kit, consisting of a robot-mounted Dual gripper and Vise, plus Zimmer gripper as a simulated chuck. The robot picks raw materials from an infeed tray, and loads it into the CNC machine for it to perform its process.

The Dual gripper has an attached blower, which serves to blow away unwanted machine debris and fluids before unloading the workpiece from the vise or chuck and loading in a new blank and outfeed tray. Cable management is greatly assisted by the Igus triflex energy chain that conceals the pneumatic hoses and electrical wiring, preventing unintentional damage to them. This demo shows the use of the robot for a task that is repetitive, freeing up the human operator for more value-adding processes.


A welding cobot—the UR5e—will be set up with an easy-to-use welding package, SmoothTool, to utilise a welding torch mounted at the end of the robot. It can be easily taught to replicate a series of motions to replicate what a human welder would weld. The thick welding cable is secured snugly and nicely on the robot with Igus’ cobot mounting bracket.

The intention of the welding robot is to allow the welder to teach the robot to weld the simpler parts, ultimately freeing up the person to focus on more complicated welds.

Embraced by the Malaysian Market

“Cobots have grown in popularity over the years and have been widely embraced by the local market, especially since the onset of COVID-19. Labour shortages have been a real concern for manufacturers locally, and cobots deliver a cost-effective yet low-risk solution that is easily deployable and flexible for a multitude of applications,” concluded Ming.