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UST Develops IoT Temperature Monitoring Solution for Retail Grocer Mydin
October 1, 2021 News


UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has developed and installed a Cold Truth temperature-tracking solution for Mydin, one of Malaysia’s leading halal grocery chains, to monitor interior temperature levels at one of their hypermarkets in the north, in Bertam, Penang, outlet’s refrigeration units. The solution has successfully helped Mydin reduce the risk of food spoilage to deliver more consistent quality to customers and has led to improvements in the completeness and simplicity of the grocer’s regulatory reporting and compliance.

UST Cold Truth solution is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based advanced temperature monitoring solution that intelligently detects temperature fluctuations and sends an alert for quick action. It offers great savings on products for retailers that would otherwise be discarded due to temperature fluctuation or freezer failure.

“We chose to work with UST because they are experts in retail technology and business operations”, said Azmin Bin Saduruddin, Executive Director at Mydin Northern Region. “As a global corporation, UST can provide Mydin with the service we need as a leading retailer in Malaysia”.

Temperature probes are placed at various locations inside their refrigerator or freezer to monitor temperature at a constant interval to ensure that temperature in all parts of the unit remains within the designated range. If any of the probes record a temperature out of range, the sensor node sends an alert to the UST Cold Truth gateway, which UST implemented on an Intel® NUC Kit with an Intel® Celeron® processor.

UST Cold Truth records the data in the cloud and alerts the store manager, who can take immediate action. The solution also records temperature readings of all refrigeration units throughout the day. The data is retained in the cloud, ready to be retrieved and communicated on-demand to Malaysia’s governmental health inspectors and auditors. Before implementing UST Cold Truth, the store maintenance staff checked each sensor five times each day, exceeding the twice-daily checks required by law in Malaysia. The staffer logged temperature readings at every location in every refrigeration unit. This manual process was time-consuming and inefficient and kept the maintenance team from performing other duties in the store. Further, the mandatory temperature logs were susceptible to human error, increasing the risk that a problem might be overlooked, or the store might fail an inspection and face significant penalties.

“UST offers a variety of cutting-edge retail solutions to our clients across the world. We have products that are custom designed for multiple customers, and our enterprise products are gaining huge popularity. Intel provided a great selection of hardware and software platforms, as well as engineering support during the development phase”, said Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, General Manager, Emerging Digital Technology at UST. “Since we launched UST Cold Truth, its inclusion as an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution has helped us to communicate the benefits of our product to a wider audience”.

UST plans to expand the solution beyond retail stores to any venue or industry where temperature monitoring is a business-critical aspect of the operation.

“With UST Cold Truth, we can provide our clients with a cost-effective and time-saving solution”, said Gilroy Mathew, Vice President and Head of Semiconductor at UST. “New technology gives retailers the shelf-level temperature readings they need to track equipment performance in real-time, reduce labor costs, and simplify compliance with government regulations”.

For more information about UST Cold Truth, download the UST Cold Truth brochure.