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Vertiv Announces Highly Efficient Mid-Size Modular UPS for High-Density Applications in Asia
November 25, 2022 News


Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has introduced the new Vertiv™ Liebert® APM Plus, a high-density, modular, and transformer-free uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that delivers up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode and up to 99% efficiency in eco-mode. Available from 50 to 500kW, the Liebert APM Plus is now available throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Liebert APM Plus architecture is designed to optimise energy use and heat dissipation, minimising the demand and consumption of data centre air conditioning systems. The combination of these factors reduces CO2 emissions to a minimum, thus helping data centres to meet environmental compliance standards.

The Liebert APM Plus is an upgrade from the Liebert® APM models, and is ideal for mid-size to large data centres in the telecom, hyperscale and colocation spaces. The Liebert APM Plus features a slimmer body at 600 millimetres, 50% smaller than the previous model without compromising on efficiency. Its smaller footprint, achieved through ultra-high density power modules, makes it ideal for providing power availability to mission-critical applications.

With its built-in FlexPower™ technology, the Liebert APM Plus allows for simple, fast expansion of system capacity with its modular design. Each FlexPower™ module combines scalable power with independent controls to auto-regulate operation, enhancing overall availability.

The Liebert APM Plus features a hot-swappable design of most of the critical links, supporting low Mean Time to Repair. The robust UPS can also tolerate temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius with auto-derating. The system also allows for intelligent monitoring options, compatible with the Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert and the Vertiv™ LIFE™ services.

“The Liebert® APM Plus design shows our commitment to providing our customers with solutions that address the changes of a rapidly growing digital ecosystem,” said Arunangshu Chattopadhyay, Director of Power Product Marketing and Head of Central Technical Support at Vertiv Asia. “With its flexible design and enhanced features, this UPS is ideal to support the availability needs of today’s customers. Additionally, the Liebert APM Plus’s small footprint makes it ideal for use in Vertiv™ integrated solutions such as  SmartRow™ and SmartAisle™, as well as the Liebert® APT power distribution system.”

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