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VinBrain Announces Collaboration with Microsoft to Expand AI-Powered Healthcare to Patients Worldwide


VinBrain, one of Vietnam’s leading technology companies, is working to transform global healthcare through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) products. One of VinBrain’s primary products is DrAid™, an AI pathology prediction platform that has demonstrated its usefulness in over 150 hospitals and earned a prestigious ACM SIGAI Industry Award 2021. DrAid™ is a value-added use case for Microsoft to collaborate on the validation of the impact of Florence, a new foundation model for computer vision developed by Microsoft.

In addition, DrAid™ is the first and only AI software for X-ray diagnostics in Southeast Asia to be cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), putting Vietnam on the map of six countries owning an FDA-cleared AI product for chest X-ray pneumothorax finding.

Microsoft will bring trusted and integrated cloud capabilities to VinBrain’s developers, enabling VinBrain to deliver a better experience for users. This collaboration will implement data sharing through Microsoft Azure and apply it to the data gathered by VinBrain’s DrAid™. Microsoft will also help safeguard sensitive patient data, further enhancing the security and privacy of VinBrain’s offering to manage ever-changing compliance regulations and improve data governance and trust.

DrAid™ currently has a large data set that has been collected from multiple sources: USA, Europe and Asia comprising 2,300,000+ images, of which ~400,000 are labeled images approved by senior radiologists. Beside this data sharing, VinBrain will also offer the field of medical image data annotation services where VinBrain can utilise a pool of top doctors, including pathologists and radiologists, as well as early field validation, to 100+ hospital-based customers.

“Nearly 2,000 doctors are currently using DrAid™ at more than 100 hospitals across Vietnam, including those with the largest patient traffic, such as 108 Military Central Hospital, 199 Hospital Vietnam and National Cancer Hospital. Therefore, our datasets are updated and enlarged on a daily basis, which benefits the progress of data assessment,” said Steven Truong, CEO at VinBrain. “Using the latest foundation of AI technology and evaluation, this collaboration with Microsoft will directly impact billions of people through early detection and workflow productivity.”

With Cross-Validation, VinBrain will check the Deep Learning models and analyse AI-powered worldwide health outcomes using the latest and evolving technology along with Azure Cognitive Services for Vision. The remarkable capability evaluation period of Azure AI, such as computer vision and the latest Florence foundation model, will be directly empowering VinBrain and other HealthTech companies to improve productivity and efficiency, leading to faster time to market and a potential high R&D cost-saving, especially for the HealthTech space.

With the help of these technologies, the VinBrain developer team can also access and develop AI capabilities for processing uploaded images and returning information and building, deploying and improving image classifiers. This will accordingly increase the accuracy rate of medical imaging for DrAid™.

With Product Research and Development (R&D), VinBrain will work with Microsoft to take advantage of Azure Cognitive Services to overcome global healthcare obstacles. DrAid™ is professionally consulted by hundreds of specialized doctors in the progress of development and regular quality checking.

A Future for Sustainable Healthcare Service

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of the healthcare system, interfering with the continuity of healthcare delivery practices and patient access to high-quality medical care. DrAid™ has also been added to the portfolio of Ferrum, the U.S.’s leading artificial intelligence marketplace, in the category of AI-based products for radiology to help deliver the highest quality patient care.

Both teams are committed to providing trusted and reliable solutions for some of the most pressing healthcare challenges using technology innovation with advanced data and analytics capabilities. On the social aspect, this will help speed up the process of resolving an increasing number of healthcare issues with a lack of infrastructure, uneven doctor-to-patient ratio and increased demand for healthcare services.

DrAid™ has also affirmed its impact during COVID-19, for it has increased the accuracy and productivity of medical examination and treatment for doctors and offered high-quality medical services for numerous citizens regardless of region and economic conditions. With the help of Microsoft Azure technology, VinBrain can apply AI to improve medical services in remote areas, especially those with limited medical facilities, thereby ensuring healthcare is delivered impartially. This initiative is also aligned with the corporate social responsibility of both companies.

“We take pride in our relationship with Microsoft, as it deepens our focus on the HealthTech industry and accelerates the growth of our products with the best tech and business resources. The collaboration will also enable us to fulfill Vietnam’s potential for innovation on an international scale and show our trust in the future of AI-powered products,” said Steven Truong, CEO at VinBrain.

“At Microsoft, we have prioritized our investment in the healthcare industry to address the most prevalent and persistent health and business challenges. The collaboration with VinBrain will be a good start for us to enlarge the sphere of operation in healthcare in Southeast Asia,” said Dr Yumao Lu, Partner Engineering Manager at Microsoft USA.