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Warehouse Wonders: The Unsung Epicentre of Digital Transformation
August 16, 2023 News


Digital transformation is non-negotiable in this digital age. It is something all companies need to do if they are to thrive in these modern times. But, perhaps unbeknownst to many business leaders, this transformation actually begins in, of all places, the warehouse.

Yes, it is a unique claim that you might be hearing here first, but there is a reason why it makes perfect sense. And, in this comprehensive interview, Aw Yang Uei, Founder and Managing Partner at AC2 Group, and Kym Lim, Country Manager at Zebra Technologies, explain in great detail why digital transformation indeed begins in the warehouse.

Additionally, Aw and Kym talk about Warehouse Management Systems—from what these are, to why companies need to utilise them now, to the best practices in using them for digital transformation. The two executives also delve deeper into the diverse ramifications of digital transformation in general and of the varying implications of leveraging Warehouse Management Systems in particular.