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Wi-Fi Alliance Selects RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 Platform for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 Interoperability Certification Test Bed


CommScope, a global leader in network connectivity solutions, recently announced that the Wi-Fi Alliance® has selected a member of the RUCKUS® Wi-Fi 7 AP family for its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 interoperability certification test bed. The device is the only commercial access point in the test bed to deliver unmatched interoperability for the platform across Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 devices and bring advanced Wi-Fi® performance to the next generation of connected devices around the world.

“RUCKUS Networks, CommScope has a legacy of setting the standard in Wi-Fi innovation. We’re proud to build on our longstanding relationship with Wi-Fi Alliance to contribute our RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform as the commercial reference access point in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed. Our role in this certification helps to ensure that consumers across the globe receive the most reliable, consistent and secure Wi-Fi experience for the most demanding applications. Above all, this speaks not only to quality and reliability of our devices—from the test bed to the field—but also the extent of our leadership in shaping the interoperability of future Wi-Fi devices worldwide,” said Bart Giordano, SVP and President, Networking Intelligent Cellular and Security Solutions at CommScope.

“We are happy to have a RUCKUS Networks Wi-Fi 7 commercial AP platform as part of our testbed for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 program. We look forward to the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 across home, enterprise and industrial environments, and take pride in facilitating interoperability among the entire Wi-Fi 7 worldwide device ecosystem. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices, such as those from RUCKUS Networks—a longtime member of Wi-Fi Alliance—help deliver a good user experience in the enterprise,” added Kevin Robinson, President and CEO at Wi-Fi Alliance.

The Next Frontier in Wi-Fi Innovation

The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform represents the next step in Wi-Fi device performance, with extreme speeds, low latency, and increased capacity to deliver exceptional user experiences. The platform is further enhanced by advanced RF technologies such as RUCKUS BeamFlex+® patented smart directional antennas and RUCKUS AI, which optimise network performance. The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP’s role in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed ensures that customers worldwide experience the best possible interoperability with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 client devices, today and for years to come.

“Intel-powered devices with market-leading Wi-Fi solutions play an important role in a time of unprecedented demand for capacity, reliability, and performance in the enterprise. With significant advancements in wireless features and performance delivered by Wi-Fi 7, many enterprise verticals will enjoy accelerated connectivity, high reliability, wired-like responsiveness, and enhanced privacy and security with strong interoperability between Intel Wi-Fi 7 devices and the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP,” stated Eric McLaughlin, Vice President, Client Computing Group and GM, Wireless Solutions Group, at Intel.

Delivering Purpose-Driven Networking

Additionally, RUCKUS delivers purpose-driven networks that offer the best possible performance in the most challenging environments of the industries we serve. With enterprise-wide automation—and network assurance driven by artificial intelligence (AI) —our partners and customers deliver an exceptional connectivity experience for every user and device. When “good enough” networking just isn’t good enough, organizations turn to RUCKUS Networks.

“Congratulations to RUCKUS Networks’ Wi-Fi 7 AP platform featuring the Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series platform on being included in the test bed of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 program by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of the Wi-Fi 7 transition, with a growing Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem of mobile, compute and XR devices, and we are pleased to see that this program will support interoperability to help ensure consistent implementation of cutting-edge features and drive rapid adoption of Wi-Fi 7 technology. We look forward to continuing our long collaboration with RUCKUS to deliver exceptional connectivity experiences,” said Ganesh Swaminathan, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP is available now. For more information, please visit the RUCKUS Networks website.