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Zendesk Adds OpenAI Integration to Expand AI-Powered Customer Experiences


Zendesk has announced its collaboration with OpenAl. The collaboration will enable to former to launch new capabilities leveraging the latter’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations.

Zendesk foundational models are customised and trained against decades of Zendesk customer experience (CX) data and industry-specific insights. They already save Zendesk customers hundreds of hours each week. The combination of these models, Zendesk’s industry-leading knowledge management solutions, and OpenAl enable businesses to save even more time by leveraging the power of generative Al to more effectively and efficiently resolve customer service cases.

“Al can help teams be more consistent, better understand customers and derive insights from data,” said Cristina Fonseca, Head of Al at Zendesk. “We provide the best Al tools that customers can start using in minutes. Our work with cutting-edge partners like OpenAl helps us leverage the newest technology available to accelerate businesses’ ability to unlock the value of their customer interactions.”

Revolutionising the Customer Experience

Zendesk’s unique approach to Al revolutionises customer experience solutions by delivering intelligent responses to customer inquiries without any coding or costly model building. Additional features powered by OpenAl include:

  • Content Summarisation. Instantly summarises long tickets to save agents time by decreasing time-to-ticket resolution.
  • Knowledge base and macros creation. Build on Zendesk’s proprietary system that evaluates missing support articles. Create articles instantly and boost productivity by allowing admins to create new macros.
  • Expanding agent replies. Allows agents to create a robust ticket response with one click based on just a few words typed.

The Zendesk Suite already includes many Al-powered CX features right out of the box, such as conversational messaging, bots, knowledge management, advanced analytics and self-service tools. The addition of OpenAl will provide businesses with a unique solution to enhance their customer experience and scale to levels that were previously unattainable.

Zendesk customers can learn more about our upcoming releases with OpenAl at its flagship user conference, Relate 2023. It will be held on May 10.