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Zooming Ahead: Videotelephony Platform Zoom Announces Platform Enhancements, Targets Sustained Growth in Asia Pacific
November 24, 2022 News


Written by: Martin Dale Bolima, Tech Journalist, AOPG.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) recently announced updates and innovations to the Zoom platform at the just-concluded Zoomtopia APAC 2022, the Asia Pacific (APAC) leg of the company’s flagship annual conference. These updates aim to elevate Zoom even more as an industry leader and spur greater growth—particularly in the APAC region.

This year alone, Zoom has already launched over 1,500 features and upgrades to the platform, underscoring the company’s commitment to improvement. Zoom again highlighted this commitment to innovation, announcing the beta release of Zoom Mail and Zoom Calendar at Zoomtopia.

Zoom Mail and Zoom Calendar are productivity tools, and they allow Zoom users to seamlessly use their email, schedule meetings and other activities, transform chat messaging to audio or video calls and work on projects collaboratively—all without leaving the Zoom app. These two new features are set to augment Zoom’s already robust capabilities. These include the oft-used Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone, along with Whiteboard and Team Chat.

“We have always been a company built to connect and bring people together. As many people around the world start rethinking what really makes them happy, we want to empower them to zoom in on what matters,” said Eric Yuan, Founder of and CEO at Zoom, in his keynote at Zoomtopia APAC. “Zoom’s vision for the future is about bringing physical and digital environments together in new ways to create more inclusive, immersive, collaborative experiences.  We are focused on giving organisations, their employees and customers a platform that works best for them, their lives and their workflows.”

Creating collaborative experiences is one of the objectives of Zoom Spots, another innovation announced at Zoomtopia. Zoom Spots is slated for release in 2023, and is a video-enabled space that will serve as Zoom’s virtual co-working space. It will be integrated into the Zoom platform, giving users a digital room where teams can interact freely, conduct meetings and stay connected throughout the day.

These innovations are to be expected, as modernity has always been a hallmark of Zoom ever since its inception. They are also quite timely, coinciding with the continuing rise of hybrid work everywhere in the world, particularly in APAC. In fact, Zoom has long been preparing for the work-anywhere workforce, having introduced hybrid solutions such as Whiteboard, Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery and Zoom Room Controller early this year. These latest innovations—Zoom Mail and Calendar, Zoom Spots and more—are a continuation of that long-view preparation, and may very well position Zoom as a leader in hybrid work.

“The shift to hybrid work is demanding rapid innovation amid constraints in this challenging business environment. With hybrid work set to stay, teams need to be equipped with a flexible communication platform that empowers them to work productively and collaboratively from anywhere,” said Ricky Kapur, Head of APAC at Zoom. Ultimately, our continuous platform innovations and updates ladder into one goal: Helping companies deliver a secure and seamless experience for both their employees and customers.”

Organisations in APAC can count on being part of Zoom’s vision for the future. In fact, Ricky Kapur, Head of APAC at Zoom, underscored the company’s commitment to the region in his own keynote, where he emphasised Zoom’s continuing investments at APAC. Zoom, in particular, is investing heavily in local talent to spur even more growth in the region, with a special focus on creating positive change in communities all across APAC through Zoom Cares, the company’s social impact arm.

Zoom is also investing heavily to grow the company’s partner ecosystem in APAC through the Zoom Up Partner Programme, which was launched just last March. Since then, Zoom has recruited over 800 channel partners, who are primarily in charge of helping customers with their communication and collaboration needs. These channel partners have also contributed 35% to Zoom’s overall business in the region.

Business could boom even more for Zoom in the coming years as the company continues to establish the Zoom platform as one that users can fully trust. Zoom is doing that by enhancing its security and privacy with constant updates. The latest, announced at Zoomtopia as well, includes end-to-end encryption, advanced encryption for Zoom Phone Voicemail and automatic updates for enterprise users. All updates announced at Zoomtopia are in the beta stage but may be generally available soon.

Zoom’s innovations come at a time when organisations are dealing with major problems, like economic uncertainties, talent shortages and hybrid work challenges. Through all these, the need for seamless communication, real-time collaboration and an inclusive work environment remain a priority—and Zoom continues to address it.