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ZTE Launches R16 5G Wireless Router MC888 PRO for Network Services with High Performance and Convenience
January 5, 2023 News


ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions has officially released its 5G flagship CPE MC888 PRO for commercial use.

The product, featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon SDX62 chip and multi-band 5G/4G high-speed access, can fully satisfy the multi-scenario network coverage requirements such as families, enterprises, supermarkets and other businesses, and can provide high-quality wireless network solutions for all kinds of customers.

ZTE’s MC888 PRO is based on the latest 3GPP Release 16 specification in the world. The scheme has passed the CE quality certification of EU countries and supports the high-speed Wi-Fi 6 protocol with a download speed up to 5400Mbps. The antenna gain can reach 10 dBi, accomplishing a wider coverage and more sensitive reception.

Meanwhile, ZTE’s MC888 Pro comes with a green eco-friendly mode and an intelligent full-scenario remote control function, which makes up for the optimal energy conservation and emission reduction scheme. With high reliability, low latency and wide coverage, it can provide a comprehensive networking solution for families to replace fixed networks; help enterprises with intelligent production, intelligent networking, IoT and other solutions and accelerate the promotion of the 5G communication capacity of large venues such as supermarkets to provide 5G communication. It can also accelerate the promotion of 5G vertical field commercial use.

Since 2022, ZTE has been developing vigorously in 5G business and has successively launched various products of MC888 series to cover the needs of different fields and meet the differentiated needs of users. As of November 2022, ZTE’s 5G CPE market share topped the world.

Moving forward, ZTE, working with global partners will continue to enrich its product portfolios and expand ecological resources, with great commitment to creating 5G commercial success for a prosperous digital economy.