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DE-CIX Expands Interconnection Footprint to Indonesia


DE-CIX, the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchanges (IXs), has announced its plans to establish the joint venture company PT DE-CIX Indonesia, together with PT IDMarco Digital Solusi, a subsidiary of the Salim Group. As a first step, the company will establish a distributed IX across multiple data centres in Jakarta using the award-winning DE-CIX Apollon platform. DE-CIX Jakarta will be connected to the existing DE-CIX ecosystem in Southeast Asia, now covering six metro markets: Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Brunei, and Manila.

Customers at any of the exchanges are able to access networks at any of the other IXs in the region, offering a seamless connection, top quality interconnection services for wholesale and enterprise requirements, and the most cost-effective way to peer across Southeast Asia.

“Indonesia, with the largest population and the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia, is the next logical step for DE-CIX in the region,” explained Ivo Ivanov, CEO at DE-CIX. “Our integrated solution supports the ongoing transformation of content and traffic localisation in the ASEAN region. Mega Hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong will continue to be important, however, we expect to see the main growth in markets such as Jakarta. With the arrival of DE-CIX Apollon in Jakarta, all networks in Indonesia are invited to take advantage of DE-CIX’s best-in-class platform.”

The IX will be directly connected to DE-CIX Singapore, thus incorporating DE-CIX Jakarta into its Southeast Asian interconnection ecosystem and providing best-in-class interconnection for network providers, cloud service providers, and enterprises, backed by industry-leading SLAs. DE-CIX Jakarta will combine both local and regional interconnection, including Cloud Exchange capabilities, and will lead to a better user experience for Indonesian end-users, along with a wide array of cloud interconnection services tailored for enterprises.

Reliable and Secure

The platform includes advanced security features such as DE-CIX’s blackholing services and in-depth statistical data that allows participants to better understand their own traffic patterns, as well as a self-service portal and API for the easy management and automation of interconnection services.

“There has been a quiet investment made in basic digital infrastructure for the last 10 years, thus allowing Indonesia’s Internet penetration to increase significantly over the last five years, especially during the 2020 pandemic from both mobile and fixed broadband. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of good quality Internet, not just solely relying on fibre optic cables or the latest VSAT technology for connectivity. With the presence of this world-class Internet Exchange, we can accelerate the realization of better Internet quality for Indonesia. We are witnessing a new history being written.” said Thomas Dragono, Director atIDMarco Digital.

Connecting a Booming Economy

With a population of close to 280 million, almost 70% of whom are working-age, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia by GDP and is ranked 17th in the world. As of 10 May 2023, the country has registered 2,492 start-ups, nine of which are unicorns, making it the 6th largest startup hub in the world.

Internet penetration in the archipelago grew by more than 50% between the years 2017 and 2022, and now stands at close to 220 million, or 78% of the population. Indonesia is home to close to 1,000 independent networks, this number having nearly doubled in the last 5 years. More than 40 international and national sub-sea cables land on the shores of the archipelago, with another six planned for the next two years. ICT is one of sectors with the fastest-growing revenues in the country, with over 10% growth in the past year. Equally, McKinsey analysts forecast that Indonesia will soon lead Asia-Pacific in overall IT spending, up to USD $6 billion by 2024.