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Dropbox Introduces Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI


Dropbox, Inc. has announced Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI, new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered product experiences designed to improve modern work and help customers get more out of their content.

Dropbox Dash is a universal search tool that connects all tools, content and apps in a single search bar. On the other hand, Dropbox AI applies generative AI to summarise and answer questions about content saved in Dropbox starting with file previews. The company is also building on its investment in AI with the launch of Dropbox Ventures, a new startup initiative to support the growing AI ecosystem, and renewing its commitment to applying AI responsibly with the introduction of its AI Principles.

“We’re excited to roll out Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search, and Dropbox AI for file summarisation and Q&A, to help our customers search, organise and gain insights from not only their files but all of their cloud content,” said Drew Houston, Co-Founder of and CEO at Dropbox. “The AI chatbots that have captured our imaginations are incredibly powerful but come with a major limitation: when you ask a question about yourself, your content or your company, these chatbots can’t answer it because they aren’t connected to your information. Dropbox is filling that gap by building personalised AI.”

He added, “As a platform that over 700 million customers already trust to secure their most important information, we have a significant opportunity to improve our customers’ working lives with personalised AI-powered product experiences. Today’s launch is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to leverage the power of AI to deliver even more value to our customers.”

Easily Find and Navigate Content with Dropbox Dash

Work has changed dramatically over the last few years and customers’ work lives have become increasingly difficult to navigate. Their work is scattered across hundreds of tabs and apps on the desktop and browser. And instead of having one search bar for work, many customers feel like they have 10. People spend so much of their workday navigating between apps and content. In fact, knowledge workers spend 8.8 hours a week just looking for files and content and 69% spend up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps.

Dropbox Dash is an AI-powered universal search that connects the tools, content and apps customers use every day in a single search bar. With connectors to major platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and more, customers can find everything in one place, fast. Now customers can skip the time-consuming task of toggling between apps and quickly share content, join a meeting, or find a presentation a teammate shared with Dash. And because Dash is powered by machine learning, it learns, evolves and improves with more use.

In addition to universal search, Dash delivers new features through the browser extension, including:


Smart collections for links that offer a quick way to save, organise and retrieve URLs. In the same way files have folders and songs have playlists, Stacks provide an easily shareable, organisational layer for cloud content.

Start Page

A single dashboard that lets customers access Dash universal search, view Stacks, get shortcuts to recent work and start meetings, making it easier to navigate the day and get back to their most important work.

Coming soon, Dash will be able to pull from customers’ information and their company’s information to answer questions and surface relevant content using generative AI. Customers won’t need to sift through all their company’s internal links and pages to find the answers to their questions. They will be able to ask Dash and quickly get an answer.

Dropbox Dash is currently available in beta to select customers (English only). To learn more and join the Dash waitlist, visit 

Instantly Summarise Content and Get Answers with Dropbox AI

Dropbox is also applying AI to file previews, one of the most highly-trafficked web surfaces, as part of a new offering called Dropbox AI. With Dropbox AI, customers can save time by:

  • Quickly understanding large documents or videoswithout parsing through the entire file. With the click of a button, customers can summarise content, like contracts and meeting recordings, into a concise explanation.
  • Getting information without the hassleof manually searching through large files. Simply ask a question and get a response within seconds.

Soon, customers will be able to use Dropbox AI on their folders and their entire Dropbox account.

Dropbox AI for file previews is currently in alpha. Starting today, it will be available in the U.S. to all Dropbox Pro customers and select Dropbox Teams. 

Accelerating the Next Generation of AI startups with Dropbox Ventures

Dropbox is furthering its commitment to shape the future of work through the power of AI with the launch of a new USD $50M venture initiative, Dropbox Ventures. Dropbox Ventures will focus investments in the next generation of startups who are transforming work by applying AI in innovative ways. Dropbox will provide portfolio companies with financial resources, mentorship, and the potential to bring new experiences to the company’s over 700M registered users who can benefit from this growing ecosystem. To learn more about Dropbox Ventures, visit

Operating Responsibly with AI Principles 

Dropbox also published its AI Principles to serve as a guide for the company to develop AI products responsibly. Being worthy of trust is a core value at Dropbox. In recognition of the deep responsibility that comes with applying new technology on behalf of customers, the company is renewing its commitment to protect customers’ privacy, act transparently, and limit bias in AI technologies so products are built as fairly and reliably as possible. To view the complete AI Principles, visit

To learn more about these product experiences and to hear from Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO, Drew Houston, visit