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OpenX Reports 2022 Emissions, Achieves Net-Zero Targets for Second Straight Year

Photo courtesy: Carleton University


OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, recently announced that the company has achieved its net-zero targets for the second year in a row. The announcement is in conjunction with the reporting of the company’s 2022 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory conducted by Cameron-Cole, a third-party environmental consultancy group. At the same time, OpenX was re-certified as CarbonNeutral by Climate Impact Partners.

OpenX’s 2022 emissions report finds that the company produced 1,243 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) in 2022. That is approximately double the amount that the company produced in 2021. The cause for the increase is business growth, additional business travel and a return of in-person gatherings post-pandemic. Despite the increase in emissions from post-pandemic business activity, OpenX was able to maintain its net-zero status, with an approximate 95% reduction compared to the base reporting year of 2018, when OpenX began reporting emissions.

Transparency Is Key

OpenX is dedicated to the GHG reporting process and believes that transparent emissions reporting is the key to accountability as well as building trust with employees, partners, clients, governments in addition to the global population. OpenX continues to publicly report emissions, to ensure that others will become comfortable with the normal GHG emissions fluctuations that occur over time, and to encourage meaningful conversations about the intersection of business growth and sustainability.

“While we’re proud to achieve our net-zero targets for a second year in a row, the most important part of this journey is not our net-zero status, but our commitment to transparent emissions measurement and reporting so that we can continue to align with the existing global standards while keeping our emissions at the lowest possible levels and continuing to grow our business,” said John Gentry, CEO at OpenX. “Real change comes from transparency, strategy, and process, and we’re continuing to share our story to encourage every company in our industry to measure and report their emissions so that we can collectively make strides towards a more sustainable future.”