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Organisations Can Create a Best-of-Breed Digital Workspace with Dell Technologies Remote Work Solutions
November 15, 2021 Blog


The perfect workday requires an interplay of factors—like waking up on the right side of the bed, getting that coffee just right, eating a nice breakfast, and settling into a good groove at work. But as you may well know by now, it is near impossible to find any kind of flow when working if the technology that is supposed to help make life easier keeps failing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, employees are now expecting intelligent, intuitive and responsive experiences that will enable them to be productive for long periods without unnecessary interruption, as in an app that takes forever to load, a laptop that lags every five minutes and an internet connection that crawls to a halt. That is something you would not want to happen, which is why you need to invest such that your workforce gets to work with the right device from now on. A good investment, in this case, is the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

The Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is a range of tech solutions that simplifies the way you deploy, secure, support and manage your endpoints. With it, your employees will get to enjoy seamless, hassle-free experiences that will, in turn, enable them to work productively and with better efficiency and accuracy (where applicable). Available in Ingram Micro, the Dell Technologies United Workspace is engineered with multiple operating systems and devices in mind and with the end goal of modernising the end-user experience.

This forward-thinking multi-OS, multi-device design will not only transform the employee experience in a positive way, but it will also give IT proactive, predictive and automated solutions. These, in turn, will free up IT from the complexities of deploying, securing, supporting and managing endpoints, thereby enabling them to concentrate on more strategic value-adding initiatives.

Anchored on the four pillars of Deploy, Secure, Manage and Support, the Dell Technologies United Workspace is the kind of investment that you will need to make because it will benefit your workforce in the different departments, the various aspects of your business and your bottom line in the long run. That’s because these four pillars guarantee the following:

Deploy. The Dell Technologies United Workspace features ProDeploy, which enables IT to move away from traditional deployment that is both high-touch and manual. With the Unified Workspace, Dell ships the devices preconfigured with company apps and settings from the factory straight to their end-users. As a result, they can start working right on day one.

Secure. Security should be on top of the mind of any and all organisations, including yours. That’s exactly what Dell Trusted Devices will do for you as they lay the foundations to a modern and secure workforce environment reinforced by invisible and seamless protection, thus ensuring smarter, faster experiences. As such, end-users can work and stay productive without potentially compromising security, all while IT gets the peace of mind only modern security solutions can offer.

Manage. With the Dell Client Command Suite and the VMware Workspace ONE, the Dell Technologies United Workspace is able to provide integrated capabilities that deliver a unified endpoint management experience for IT. This unified experience then enables IT to manage different apps, firmware and OS but from one console and at the same time create seamless experiences for all end-users.

Support. The Dell Technologies United Workspace is backed by ProSupport, which means 24×7 access to in-region ProSupport engineers whom IT can contact anytime whenever critical issues are encountered. This ensures that hardware issues are resolved up to 11x faster than the competition while helping IT keep an eye out on potential problems that may arise in the future. In this way, they can better prepare for what might come next, in the process eliminating unplanned downtime due to hardware issues. Productivity and efficiency are thus ensured as well.

Give the Best to Get the Best

Companies that want to be the best can only do so if they can get the best out of their workforce—every time, all the time. That will only happen, though, if you are willing to give your workforce best-in-class equipment, like the Dell Technologies United Workspace. If you can do that, there is a good chance that your employees will reciprocate your generosity and give you their best in return.