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Prowise Touchscreens Enhanced with New Features
February 24, 2022 News
Users of a Prowise touchscreen can now work with palm recognition, allowing you to rest your palm on the screen while writing. Prowise is making this and various other functionalities available via a free over-the-air update of the operating system Prowise Central.

When writing on an interactive whiteboard, you accidentally touch the screen with your palm and an inconvenient line appears. Does that sound familiar? From now on, this is a thing of the past on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten. The new palm recognition, available as beta,  allows you to rest your palm on the screen while writing. The smart technology in the screen recognises your palm when you want to erase the written content.

Safety First
Via the Central menu users can now lock their Prowise Touchscreen with a pin code. This ‘screen lock’ can be switched on and off manually. This way you can be sure that nobody can use the touchscreen without proper authorisation. This possibility fits in with Prowise’s philosophy of offering secure solutions in terms of privacy and cybersecurity.

Control Over Energy Costs
How we deal with energy costs and climate has also become an important topic in the world of education. After the software update, the user on a Prowise touchscreen is in full control of the screen’s energy consumption. With three adjustable modes, the user determines with a simple push of a button how much energy the touchscreen consumes. Compared to the already very energy-efficient Energy STAR mode, the Energy Saver mode even halves the energy bill of end-users.

Screen Sharing Options
AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast and Prowise Reflect (10 screens simultaneously, including touchback function) can be used on the Prowise Touchscreen without extra costs, licences and cables. From now on, four devices can connect wirelessly via AirPlay and Chromecast and be displayed on the interactive whiteboard. This way, on the interactive whiteboard you can run several applications, programs or websites side by side (Apple and Android interchangeably) and use them via a split-screen principle.

The Prowise Touchscreen—engineered for education, useful even at the workplace

Microsoft Teams
Users could already collaborate and meet digitally on the Prowise Touchscreen with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, OneNote and Google Classroom.  After the operating system update Prowise is also introducing these apps on its flagship Prowise Touchscreen Ten.

Remote Management
With the software update, users also gain access to the new version of Prowise Screen Control. With Screen Control, that same IT specialist can manage all Prowise touchscreens from one central location. With the press of a button, settings can be adjusted, apps installed or background images changed, all remotely (privacy). What is unique in the market is that this MDM solution is entirely Prowise-built and complies with the strictest security certifications.

New Features
Prowise Screen Control has been equipped with a number of new features, partly after consultation with enthusiastic users and IT partners. Partly due to in-house development, Prowise now makes it possible for users to install software updates remotely. The IT specialist, therefore, does not have to physically visit all the classrooms to ensure that the screen is equipped with the latest software, but can do this digitally via his computer. In the new portal, the same IT specialist will also find the option of switching touchscreens on and off remotely (on a scheduled basis).