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RPA Solutions Provider akaBot to Help Malaysian Businesses Embrace Automation


akaBot, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) solutions provider  ranked by Gartner, has officially introduced a strategy to extend its services and solutions in the Malaysia market. This announcement was made during their first C-Talk, where a variety of akaBot’s automation use cases was introduced to a large selection of senior business leaders and CEOs in Malaysia. The company will offer Malaysian businesses in finance, banking, retail, and manufacturing a range of holistic solutions for automation and digitisation, enhancing overall productivity and cost savings.

Malaysia is witnessing a surge in the demand for digitalisation in response to ongoing corporate investments. Projections for the 2023 digital economy in Malaysia indicate a significant contribution of 24.4 percent to the nation’s GDP, with expectations of a further increase to 25.5 percent in the subsequent year. Looking ahead to 2024, the Malaysian government has allocated a substantial sum of RM 100 million for digitalisation grants, aiming to support over 20,000 SMEs in expediting their digitisation and automation initiatives.

Ginny Truc To, Country Manager at akaBot, said, “Malaysia stands out as a compelling market for akaBot, thanks to its diverse and rapidly expanding economy coupled with a commendable level of economic stability. Despite witnessing rapid growth, it’s noteworthy that only 30 percent of business establishments have embraced digital technology, potentially impeding further market expansion. We aim to address and resolve these challenges in Malaysia by offering automated operations that promise heightened productivity, enhanced reliability, improved performance, and reduced operating costs.”

The level of digitalisation in businesses is still relatively low compared to developed markets. The high cost and lack of localisation in the current market offerings have been significant barriers to growth. With akaBot being able to develop customised automation solutions that suit local business needs, as well as provide affordable solutions, the company sees a strong potential for growth in the market.

Boosting Operational Excellence through Next-Generation Technology

C-Talk is an event series by akaBot (FPT Corporation) only for C-level managers, Heads of DX and IT Leaders in enterprises, focusing on strategic discussion and experience sharing to accompany corporates and organizations during their digital transformation journey. For the first event hosted in Malaysia, akaBot provided insight into automation and its impact on business through the topic “Optimising Finance Operation with RPA.”

The gathering explored strategies for enhancing financial performance across sectors like finance, banking, retail, and more, emphasising the application of suitable automation methods. Prominent speakers at the event included Jonathan Oh, CEO at and Co-Founder of Supplycart; Ian Tan, EBS Delivery Manager at FPT Malaysia; Iqbal Izzat Nordin, Senior Account Manager at FPT Malaysia; and To of akaBot.

“Malaysia is advancing quickly and in need of a relative level of digitalisation. Take, for example, the procurement workflow in business: the number and complexity of processes are rising, yet there is still a huge technology adoption gap leading towards challenges in spending management and cash flow.  Thanks to the C-Talk event, I got the opportunity to share these business gaps and empower Malaysian enterprises with new technologies,” noted Oh.

In 2023, akaBot implemented its RPA solutions for various companies in Malaysia, addressing the main issue of manual and repetitive tasks. In the Retail sector, akaBot focuses on automating order purchase processes to save 50% processing time, translating to potential savings of up to USD $ 500,000 in operational costs. Especially for manufacturing and financing clients, the RPA solutions improve workflows with a 95% reduction in invoice processing time, coupled with an impressive accuracy rate of 99%.

Leveraging RPA 

akaBot’s automation solution operates by leveraging advanced RPA technology to streamline and optimise various business processes. The system is designed to handle repetitive and rule-based tasks, such as data entry, supply chain management, inventory, document verification, and many more. This ensures that businesses benefit from increased efficiency and accuracy in day-to-day operations.

Founded in 2018, akaBot has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its operations to encompass eight countries, including Malaysia. With over 3500 customers in 21 countries globally, akaBot has successfully reached and deployed over 10,000 virtual robots for a vast range of brands of multiple industries across the world including Panasonic ITS, Mizuho Bank, Thinkpower, SCSK Europe, and others.  Driven by a vision of creating the ideal digital workspace, akaBot’s virtual assistants have freed more than 11 million employees from mundane tasks, slashing processing time by a remarkable 70 per cent and saving up to 21.9 million working hours annually. Additionally, akaBot champions environmental sustainability, reducing paper consumption by 60 per cent, fostering a greener office environment.

In 2023, akaBot became the first technology solution provider in Vietnam to be listed in the prestigious Everest Group’s RPA Products PEAK Matrix as a Major Contender.