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The Use of Technology in the Healthcare Industry
June 15, 2022 Library


The impact of technology is encompassing, affecting every industry from manufacturing to logistics and even marketing and advertising. Technology is even impacting healthcare, providing healthcare professionals with new, innovative ways to render medical attention to patients in need of it. With that in mind, Disruptive Tech Asia got in touch with idsMED, Asia’s largest integrated solutions provider of medical equipment, supplies and services, for a special virtual interview titled “The Use of Technology in the Healthcare Industry.”

In this interview, DTA spoke with Dr Harshanth Lecht, Director of Medical Solutions at idsMED, about the growing role of technology in healthcare. Among other things, Dr Lecht highlights in this interview the role of IT in healthcare, the areas of the industry being influenced the most by innovation, and the different technologies that idsMED is leveraging to make a change.

Watch the full interview below: