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Tranglo Launches All-in-One Business Payment Solution
April 12, 2022 News


Tranglo Pte Ltd has launched a comprehensive business payment solution that helps businesses send and receive global payments quickly.

Tranglo Business is developed exclusively for corporates of all sizes, specifically nonpayment providers such as eCommerce traders, local vendors with regional suppliers and customers, cross-border travel agencies, global freelancing and outsourcing platforms and giggers.

Small-and-medium enterprises represent 90% of the world’s businesses, but many face operational and technical challenges when receiving and paying abroad. Traditional payment providers and the use of multiple intermediaries, which can be costly and may not be able to meet their needs.

Tranglo Business aims to solve this by using a proprietary single-interface technology to help businesses liberate their global payment processes and keep costs low, allowing them to scale their growth.

Tranglo Group CEO Jacky Lee said: “We developed Tranglo Business to help enterprises address their payment pain points. Our aim is to help them choose the most cost-effective way to send and receive money without sacrificing speed and security. As part of our guarantee of excellence, customers need to complete an onboarding process in Singapore before they can access Tranglo Business and its full suite of features.”

Tranglo Business provides an all-in-one business payment solution from FX and wallet management to multi-currency support and Artificial Intelligence-assisted compliance screening. Customers can customise their payments using intelligent routing, API integration, and even approval management for different users. It also offers volume discounts and special rates, while full transaction reports can be generated to ease reconciliation and account keeping. A dedicated support is accessible 24/7.