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Visa Launches Program to Help Creators Navigate NFTs
April 6, 2022 News


Right now, some 50 million artists, musicians and creators of all stripes publish content as a full- or part-time source of income. With an estimated market size of more than USD $100 billion, the creator economy is one of the fastest-growing categories of small business.

To support this growth, Visa has launched the Visa Creator Program, an initiative that aims to help digital-first artists, musicians, fashion designers and filmmakers accelerate their small business through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each cycle of the program will support a selected group of entrepreneurs looking to deepen their understanding of the technology and platforms underpinning NFT commerce.

Growing a Business with NFTs

Because NFTs can establish ownership and authenticity of digital goods and media, like images, videos and music, they can help creators generate revenue and grow their business.

“NFTs have the potential to become a powerful accelerator for the creator economy,” said Cuy Sheffield, Head of Crypto at Visa. “We’ve been studying the NFT ecosystem and its potential impacts on the future of commerce, retail and social media. Through the Visa Creator Program, we want to help this new breed of small and micro businesses tap into new mediums for digital commerce.”

Community, Mentorship and Access for Emerging Artists

The Visa Creator Program is geared towards entrepreneurs working in art, music, fashion and film who are serious about incorporating NFTs into their business model, whether they have just minted their first NFT or have several successful drops under their belt.

“In the early days of my NFT career, I relied on a community of NFT experts and advocates to ground me in this new world,” says Micah Johnson, former professional athlete, the artist behind Aku, and one of the first participants to work with the Visa Creator Program. “I’m excited to work with Visa in providing that same type of mentorship to emerging artists setting out on their NFT journey.”

Selected creators will join a cohort-driven program designed to build and deepen their fluency in crypto commerce and traditional payments. The program is focused on supporting creators in five key area:

Technical and product mentorship. Mentorship with Visa’s team of crypto product and strategy leaders, to cover topics including: evaluating tradeoffs between underlying blockchain networks, smart contracts, and NFT marketplaces.

Community building. The opportunity to exchange ideas and problem-solve with a community of creators in various stages of their NFT journey.

Access to thought leaders. Hear from leading edge thinkers and researchers working across digital commerce, web3, crypto and payments.

Exposure to Visa’s clients and partners. Opportunities to engage with companies across Visa’s network of clients and partners.

Stipend. One-time stipend to help creators kickstart the next phase of growth.

Supporting New Forms of Small Business

The Visa Creator Program is part of Visa’s ongoing efforts to help small and micro businesses gain greater access to the digital economy. Through community-based initiatives like the Visa Creator Program and She’s Next, Visa is focused on digitally enabling small and micro businesses through opportunities to access funding, resources and expertise.

As the concept of ‘small business’ continues to expand and evolve, from mom-and-pop storefronts to content creators and gig economy workers, Visa is excited to support the next generation of entrepreneurs in scaling a business and getting paid.

To learn more about the Visa Creator Program and how to get involved, visit the Visa Creator Program.